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We believe in community and supporting other great businesses. Some of the below businesses are people we know and trust.


ReversABLE Podcast

Gut health is trending. But that means the information you’re getting is diluted by the internet and social media.

It's time to go straight to the source, and asking the world’s most renowned doctors and professionals about their advice on how to naturally heal your gut, and stay healthy.


Green Violin

Green Violin is a non-profit community development company. Our projects are vibrant spaces where the well-being of the neighborhood is supported by innovative housing options and community social enterprise ventures.



L E G I O N is dedicated to raising awareness about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and other mental health conditions through music. As a mental health advocate, it is L E G I O N's goal to share trusted sources of information regarding DID and other mental health conditions in each upload.

EX/OH Candles

Their passion for candles was ignited when they lit a pillar candle that melted all over their coffee table. Since that day, they embarked on a mission to craft stunning candles that are not just decorative but also designed to burn beautifully. 



An exceptional company that tackles a wide range of lawn care services, including organic fertilizer, weed control, and more. From maintaining lush lawns to efficient snow removal, they've got you covered. If you're in search of a reliable and comprehensive solution for all your lawn needs, look no further than them and Lawna. 


FNA Crossfit

Their facility is a clean, welcoming space where members can focus on what really matters: their health and fitness. They offer more than enough classes to accommodate even the busiest schedules. Plus, there’s a supportive community to push you toward your goals. CrossFit FNA will be your new HQ for all things fitness.


Kat van Koven

Rock Koven Coutour & Mystic Storm costumes by Kat - KVK's Scarlet Haze Goth Rock & Cinders Flame

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