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Model bus

With an attention to detail there are many options to create a custom model car, bus or other vehicles that you want. 

Reference pictures or in person consultations help make any idea come to life


Custom dice box

Do you have a set or two of dice you need to keep in a custom box? That option can be provided with any colour, theme and size


Cosplay props

Do you need an item for your

cosplay? Working with you we can make those props a reality!


Legislature model building

STL model available in link below.


Walterdale bridge

Custom model bridges are an available option for those looking


Boardgame pieces

Are you missing a boardgame piece or want custom ones for your favourite? We can make that happen for you.


D&D Miniatures

Whether it be D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun or any other system. A miniature can be 3D printed.


Button holder

With a focus on creating solutions for everyone, this helps any non-verbal. This holds a picture that fits in the upper window and a

pre-recorded button is below.


By pressing the button to the related image the person can then communicate things like they're hungry, tired, bathroom etc.

Link below has more details and the STL file for free use.


Replacement parts

Do you have a broken piece? Don't throw it out. Instead let us take a look at it.

It can be recreated and 3D Printed. Just bring the broken sample and we'll work

on making designing a new one.


Custom cookie cutters

We can create any custom cookie cutter you're looking for. A fun item for the holiday season or a birthday!


Ribcage trellis

Some flowers need a trellis to hold flowers, so why not make get something more your style?


Signs & text

Simple or complex fonts can be printed to your size requirements.


DeLorean puzzle car

A personal project, but a fun little challenge to use magnets and fitted parts as a puzzle car. 

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