With over 10 years of design experience, we are confident to help tackle any challenge you have at hand. We hope to help with modeling an obsolete replacement part to help bring an idea to life. 

3d printing

No print project is too small or big to tackle. We utilize FDM printing for all our jobs. There is a variety of material options we have available. If you're unsure what material to use, we have outlined in the material tab. 

design drawings

Some projects need a drawing to better understand the concept. We also offer Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) as a viable option both for 3D printing or any other projects.

3D design training

If you're looking to get training on how to design we are here to help. We offer 2 options for learning.


1. Chek us out on Youtube with how to design


2. 1 on 1 training over Zoom or other online options are avilable.